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how to properly clean your sex toys

How to Properly Clean Your Sex Toys

When you finally invest in a new sex toy, you’ll be wondering how to clean your sex toy to ensure more secure use. And now I’m going to share my experience with you step-by-step in a simple and straightforward way.

Knowing the importance of cleanliness will make you more inclined to keep your sex toys hygienic, so before we get started, let’s look at why it is so important to clean sex toys properly. 

Why the Need to Clean Sex Toys?

The main reason why we need to clean sex toys is that failing to clean sex toys regularly or cleaning them in the wrong way can cause sexually transmitted infections and other hygiene problems. As we all know, HPV is such a deadly disease that people are careful to protect themselves before and after sex, yet it is easy to overlook the fact that not taking care of cleaning sex toys after sharing them with your partner can also spread the disease. Besides this, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and various bacterial infections can also be transmitted in the same way.

Most frequently, You will become so tired after the act that you tend to abandon the cleaning step, So you need to always remind yourself that keeping sex toys clean is always the most important thing. Make it a habit to treat your toys and body with respect and love. Aside from that, your sex toys should be sure to be used only vaginally or only anally to avoid cross-contamination, which will make you enjoy pleasurable erotic games without having to worry about cross-contamination during solo play.

How often should you clean your sex toys?

According to a survey of over 1,000 adults on how often they clean their sex toys, the results may astound you!

Of those polled, 70% of women and 57% of men asked claimed they clean their sex toys after every usage, whereas 19% of women and 36% of men stated they never clean their sex toys. In addition, 11% of women and 7% of males admitted to cleaning their toys after each usage.

In the above survey, different habits regarding the frequency of cleaning toys are present, but almost all of the proven evidence points to one definitive answer – and it is that cleaning is required after every use.

Why? As your sex toys are full of bacteria capable of multiplying after each use, meaning the next time your body will be exposed to various disgusting bacteria that can infect you with all kinds of diseases, including HIV. Especially anal toys, like anal beads and butt plugs, need to be fully cleaned!

So please give up the idea of making it a weekly thing. It’s essential. Just make it a routine. Get it done.

How to clean sex toys 

It is obvious that sex toys require different cleaning methods depending on the material and the use scenario, so firstly you need to find out what the toy is made of. Perhaps it’s silicone? Glass? Stainless steel? Jelly rubber? If you’re not sure, you can check your packaging or ask your supplier. However, if you still no idea how to do, here are some guidelines. 

  • For nonporous material sex toys

Use only gentle or neutral soap, as high acidity or alkalinity soaps potentially harm the product’s substance. Be certain that the soap you are using does not contain any fragrances, as fragrances have the potential to irritate the vagina and disrupt the pH balance of the vulva.

  • For porous materials, sex toys

Notably, if your toys are made of porous materials, like jelly rubber, elastomers, and TPR, then you need to be more vigilant. Since these materials can still carry bacteria after careful cleaning, I suggest you use a medical material instead, like medical silicone.

That being said, in case you do decide to use porous toys, I’ll give you these precautions.

Firstly, just like any other material, store it safely in a clean toy box or bag after cleaning it with mild soap and water, and always remember to keep it separate from other toys. 

Secondly, you are better off using a condom with your porous toy, especially when using it with a partner, though this may affect your enjoyment.

Finally, You should banish your toy if it turns color or starts to smell..

  • For non-waterproof sex toys

A non-waterproof toy should not be immersed in water or used with a particularly damp towel, but that doesn’t mean it can’t touch water at all. That said, you can still wipe them with a damp towel after removing the batteries.

How to store them
  1. Keep Them dry While In Storage

You must first dry your sex toys before putting them in the bin, as bacteria can quickly multiply and damage the material if even a small amount of it is moist. Besides this, coating it with cornstarch or particular toy powder after drying to protect it from getting sticky is also crucial.

  1. Avoid storing in a warm environment

The most important point as to why you should not store in a warm place is that bacteria need warmth to thrive. Besides this, some materials may deteriorate and deform in a warm environment 

Then you need to find a place to store it —- somewhere dry, cool and dark, and I think antibacterial bags can create all the environments you want. Put them in a well-prepared antibacterial bag, such as an anti-bacterial bag or satin bag.

  1. Avoid Overcrowding 

Overcrowding can cause sex toys to rub against each other, which can damage materials and contaminate each other. You are likely to regret that they will be unusable after a while.

Apart from these methods, make sure you find a discreet and safe place to avoid the embarrassment of having your adult toy collection discovered. The privacy of the storage location may be very important to some people

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