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About Us

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About Our Company

Our company is ADULT CAVE LIMITED., (Brand name“GettinJuicy”), We are an adult product company integrating toys design and sales. Focus on the design and sales of high-quality and artful adult products, selling products including massage wands, vibrators, and dildos, as well as other male and female products. You can search for more information about our products on our website. We will continue to collect suggestions and ideas, and constantly lunch innovative products.

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GettinJuicy Story

Our founders started the business alone in a modest rental house from a computer. After unremitting efforts and growth, now our team has over 80 colleagues. We are a professional team with extensive experience in this industry. From product design to sales, we have high-quality talents responsible for it. Most of the members have been deeply involved in the industry for many years, aiming to serve human sexual health and quality of life.

We have worked closely with many adult product suppliers. In the past, we mainly sold our adult products on Amazon. Today after years of deep cultivation in the industry, we want to build influence in this industry so that we founded the brand ”GettinJuicy” and our website. We hope to establish a long-term development strategy and make “GettinJuicy” becomes a leading adult products brand in the world. That is an amazing thing we’ve always wanted to do.

The meaning of GettinJuicy is: to contribute to the improvement of everyone’s happiness and to make sex life more colorful. The materials used in our products are safe and reliable, please rest assured! In order to ensure the quality, GettinJuicy’s products are strictly inspected to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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Shopping Guarantee

Our products are made of healthy, safe and comfortable materials, and will never sell false descriptions and cheap products. By selling high-quality toys directly online, we keep costs down, so you can get high-quality products for less at In addition, we pay great attention to the website and privacy security so that you can have a good shopping experience.

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Our Vision and Goal

Integrity and customer satisfaction are important factors in the long-term development of a business, and this is what we have been doing. Through our own accumulated experience and expertise, we will continuously improve the quality of products and services in the future development process, and also collect suggestions from different groups of people for targeted improvements and innovations.

Our vision is to contribute to enhancing the sexual well-being of everyone and build GettinJuicy into a world-renowned brand of adult products.

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